Est. 2024

Pikeview Quarry Founded

Pikeview Quarry is founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Between 1903 and 2018, limestone was excavated from the quarry via the drill and blast mining method. Prized for its contribution to concrete’s strength and reduction in shrinkage and cracking, limestone was a sought-after building material.

Pikeview Quarry Expansion

In 1940, the quarry was expanded to provide limestone for the construction of the United States Air Force Academy.

Pikeview Quarry Ownership Transition

After changing ownership several times, the quarry was finally acquired by Castle Concrete (now Castle Aggregates) in 1972.

Pikeview Quarry Contributions

Limestone mining continued through 2018. It is estimated that more than half of the limestone used to build Colorado Springs was sourced from Pikeview Quarry.

Pikeview Quarry Permanently Closed

Following a series of slope failures, all Pikeview Quarry mining operations were permanently halted in 2018.

Pikeview Reclamation Project Approved

Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board formally approved the Pikeview Quarry Reclamation Plan.

Pikeview Reclamation Begins

Stantec begins regrading the Pikeview Quarry.

Pikeview Restoration Begins

Revegetation and habitat restoration begin.

Pikeview Site Donation is Forecasted to Occur

The 100-acre reclaimed Pikeview Quarry site will be available for donation to the City of Colorado Springs, pending engineering approvals and acceptance by the City.

Potential Recreation Site Development 

Upon successful completion of the reclamation project and engineering approval - estimated in 2024 - Castle Aggregates will be prepared to donate the reclaimed site to the City of Colorado Springs. Upon the City's acceptance of the site, will then have the option to develop the land for recreational purposes.

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